Big Stick Fire Training


What We Do

Big Stick Fire Training was created by Ted Corporandy, retired San Francisco Fire Department battalion chief and former co-publisher of Since his retirement he has been very active in fire service issues including consulting, training, speaking, and writing. Having spent most of his firefighter and company officer career on ladder companies and a heavy rescue company he decided to put his efforts into the critical discipline of supporting suppression efforts. Although there is a friendly rivalry between the two primary fireground functions of engine company operations and ladder company operations it is understood that the primary goal of the fire service is to extinguish fires resulting in saving lives and property. We do that with the water supplied by engine companies. Big Stick Fire Training adheres to the saying that “engines put water on the fire, trucks do everything else” and approaches training from that perspective. 
Big Stick Fire Training boasts an extensive network of experts with access to the biggest names in the business stretching from coast to coast and internationally.  We will do our best to give you the best.




Training and Services

  • Tractor Drawn Aerial Driver/Tiller Operations
  • Consulting
  • Truck Academies (Hands On Training)
  • Ladder Company Operations Seminars
  • Roof Prop Design